Vastu Shastra for Home Planning

Vastu shastra for home planning

In the great Vedic Age Vastu Shastra was formed to design spaces and lands for different uses. Vastu Shastra is an ancient science on architecture and engineering. It was widely used to develop Towns, Temples, Palaces, Markets and residential homes. In vastu, it is believed that everything on earth is made up of basic five elements known as ‘Land’, ’Water’, ‘Fire’, ‘Air’ and ‘Sky’. Our environment is also the boon of these elements and all the living creatures on earth including human being were created from these elements. Each elements have immense of uncontrolled energy. Such as (1) Sun light (2) Earth’s magnetic field (3) Gravitational force (4) Wind energy (5) Cosmic energy. The Sun is the source of all these energies. So Sun is the God. It has great influence in our life. It nourishes the earth.

Though the Vastu concept is very old, its inner philosophy is almost modern. Let’s think about DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) which is the carrier of characteristic and heredity of living organisms. This DNA is made from protein molecules. The protein molecules consists of basic five elements like Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Sulfur. These are also natural elements. To produce DNA, i.e, to produce the characteristics of living organism, needs C, H, O, N, S and energy. These are all found in Land (soil), water, Air, Fire & Sky. So, the living creatures has a deeper connections with the natural elements. And, somehow it equalizes the element concept of Vastu Shastra.

It is needless to say, the concept of energy mentioned in the Vastu Shastra has a great influence in our body and mind. As per vastu, utilizing and balancing these energy in proper way makes our life peaceful, healthy and prosperous. This energies have two effects, positive effect and negative effect.

The sun energy, flowing from east to west and earth’s magnetic energy which is flowing from north to south. Thus, the resultant energy of these two energies is flowing from North-East corner. In vastu Shastra North-East corner has given more importance in terms of positive energy. It is advised to keep north-east corner open as far as possible and oppositely, South-West corner to raise higher to reflect back the positive energy to home. To divert the positive energy into the home, some directional and positional suggestions are advised in Vastu Shastra.

Locations and positions of different units of home are mentioned below.

LAND: Land should be square in shape as far as possible. The ratio of length to breadth of land should be within 2:1.

ROAD: Land bounded by four side road considered to be the best. Land with at least two sides road, north and east is better. Otherwise land with east side or north side road is good.

BOUNDARY WALL: South- west boundary will be higher than North-east side.

MAIN ENTRANCE: Entrance should be located at 2nd grid, dividing the boundary into equal three grids.
It should not be placed in Centre of the boundary.

BEDROOM FOR OWNER: South-West corner.

KID’S ROOM: North-West, West corner.

DRAWING: East side or North-west corner.

DINING SPACE: East side or West side.

LIVING SPACE: East side or West side or North-West corner.

STUDY: North or West side.

KITCHEN: South-East corner or South side.

BALCONY: North-East corner or North side or East side

WASH ROOM: West side or South side or North-West corner.

BATH ROOM: East side otherwise North-west or North side.

STAIRCASE: South side or west side otherwise South-East or South-West corner.

LIFT/ELEVATOR: South or South-West corner.


SEPTIC TANK / SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT: North-West corner or East side.

OVERHEAD WATER TANK: South-West corner.

ELECTRIC ROOM: South-East corner.

PET’S ROOM: North-west corner.


  1. The plot shape of square one gives monetary benefit to owner.
  2. A rectangular plot is good which gives plenty of benefits but length should not be more than twice the breadth o the plot.
  3. There will be fear from the Government if the plot is triangular in shape.
  4. It is necessary to maintain south-west boundary of the plot to 90 degrees angle for better health of owner.
  5. North-east angle of the plot should be close to 90 degrees for positive energy.
  6. It is best to have roads on all four sides of the plot which gives all round happiness to the owner.
  7. Plots facing both south and west roads are good for the business people.
  8. Plots facing both south and east roads are good for women-organisations.
  9. If there is a projection on south-east corner of the plot, the owner will experience many difficulties and suffer from diseases and legal litigations.
  10. If the north-east has projections clubbed with north, there will be more riches, a large income and development in movable and immovable properties.
  11. If north-east has a projection clubbed with east, the owner becomes famous.
  12. If the north-west has projection, there will be loss of wealth, agriculture produce and cattle.
  13. The ground level in the north and east should be the lowest in the plot facilitates good drainage.
  14. Ponds, tanks or river in north, east or north-east corner of the plot (outside of the plot) yield very good results.
  15. More open spaces should be left in the east than west side of the plot and more open spaces should left in north with respect to south facilitates good ventilation and more positive energy.
  16. The building height should be more on the south and west, it preserves positive energy into the rooms.
  17. The compound walls on the south and west should be thicker and more in height than those on north and east. It helps to reflect back the positive energy to the home.
  18. The level of veranda roof should be less than normal roof level. It helps to direct the positive energy into the home.
  19. Septic tank in south-east or north-west (second choice) are good for health.
  20. Out-houses and car-garages can be built in south-east or north-west, but they should not touch north or east walls to avoid monetary loss.
  21. An open well or bore-well should be dug in the north-east before the construction. It prevents water borne diseases.

In practical, it is sometimes impossible to find a land as per vastu always, so planning of home as per vastu becomes hard. However, in those cases vastu shastra suggests some corrections in the land to make it fit for planning, and some positional changes can give good results. These can be achieved by following the table below.

Vastu shastra for home planning


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  1. My east plot size 40x82 which more than 1:2 ratio . Pl suggest any remeady

  2. As vastu shastra suggests, you can build your home within 40'x 60'or 40'x70' and keep the remaining portion open. You can make lawn, garden or kitchen garden in the open portion it will beautify your open areas as well as it will enhance the healthy environment of your residence.

    Thanks for your query. It's my pleasure to answer if you have any question relating to Home building.


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