Can a society charge building repair charges from residents for a garage?

If the garage is the integral part of the building, yes, the building society can charge for the repair of the building.

Builder or developer construct apartment building and sell it to the flat owners. Builders have certain responsibility towards the building repair and maintenance up to a certain period, say 6 months after the  completion and handed over to the owners. Usually, builders form a building society with the flat owners and transfers all the responsibilities to the society or building association. Henceforth, all the building maintenance and repairs are carried out by the society.

Whenever you buy a flat or part of a building, you become a member of that building society or building association. The society member forms a common fund attributed by all the members. This attribution is decided among the members and money is collected monthly or quarterly or annually as per their ease. This fund is used to maintenance and repairs of the building like gate keepers salary, lift operators salary, sewerage and drainage maintenance, building repairs, building external painting, common area repair and maintenance etc. etc. All the expenses are borne from this fund.

The garage or car park is the integral part of the building. If you do not avail the garage or parking facility, you can raise this issue in building association's meeting. Building association's meetings are generally organized weekly or fortnightly or monthly. Your issue will be discussed in the meeting. The members will judge the effectiveness of your issue, and if they thought to relieve you from that charges they might do so.


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